About Us

About NICE

Excellence is a result of perseverance, passion and upskilling. NICE(Nishta Centre of Excellence Research, Medical education and Training) makes this excellence happen. Our experience of conducting 10+ National Annual conferences, 50+ learning sessions, 5000+ participants, 50+ national and international expert speakers has powered our mission and vision. 

With the commitment to engage in evidence based research, brainstorming and knowledge sharing, we engage in conducting CMEs, workshops, medical conferences, academic paper publishing and other outreach activities. 

Our Vision

We believe that knowledge share is not about sharing information alone. We have built an ecosystem that capacitates the entire gamut of participants with the ability to learn, contribute and thrive. 

Nothing happens alone, we welcome you all to be part of NICE activities. Be it a medical practitioner, rehab professional, community helper, parent or a student, you are all welcome to join us in this endeavor to excel. 

Headed by Disability Pediatrician Dr. S.Subramanian and Neonatologist Dr. Meenkashi J, our team  has the right blend of expertise, experience and commitment to make NICE a vibrant knowledge platform. 

Leadership team

Our Chief Executive Officer, who is not only a distinguished developmental pediatrician with specialized expertise in pediatric neurodisability from Sheffield Children’s Hospital, UK, but also a visionary leader.

Dr.Meenakshi is our Medical Director and is a neonatologist. She is the HOD of the DNB program at St.Isabel’s Hospital. Her keen interest in early intervention, and high-risk infants follow-ups make her one of the most sought after pediatricians.

Dr. Anil

Dr. Anil Krishnaiah, a pediatric intensivist by background and an experienced Clinical Informatician, serves as our Chief Medical Strategy Officer, spearheading our initiatives in business transformation and optimization.

Mrs. Chitra Malolan

Mrs. Chitra Malolan is our COO, a distinguished professional with a rich background in global healthcare management, specializing in elevating the value of healthcare organizations.

Get In Touch

If you have any queries concerning the registration, sponsorship or any other topic, please contact the designated committee by submitting a message using the form.

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